About Us

It began with a journey, as many stories do. My partner and I were exploring the world, travelling, hiking and seeking out adventure. As we moved from place to place, we gathered memories and sometimes even treasures to take home, so we learned quickly that what you keep is what you carry. Travelling light became our mission and it was this ethos that first inspired the Kari brand.

After nearly two years of testing, sampling, creating and designing, we are proud to present a range of towels for those who want a functional piece of fashion. Our premium towels are designed to become part of your adventure. More than just a beach towel, it is also a statement. I made the Kari range for those that are kite-surfing, doing yoga, diving, swimming, climbing mountains and globe-trotting for fun. 

The name, Kari, is a hat tip to my roots. Recognising that our journey is not just about where we are going, but largely about where we come from, I adapted my surname in honour of this heritage and named each towel after the people around me who helped inspire and choose the bespoke designs. 

These towels are my offering to the inspired, the explorers among us who dare to go anywhere and those adventuring in their own hometowns. Because now that we are home, we love our Kari towels as picnic blankets, yoga towels, gym towels and even a throw-over when the temperature drops in the late summer afternoon.

We hope you love them as much as we do. 



Get in touch - hello@kariactive.com